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Each indicator has conditions to indicate a specific sign (signal). For example,
– the price above EMA 200 (condition) indicates a long-term uptrend (sign) or
– RSI below 30 (condition) indicates an oversold market (sign) or
– a double top pattern (condition) indicates a trend reversal to the downside (sign).

Signs are a basis for a trade. A trader goes through the list of signs which help her to make a decision to buy/sell.

Examples from our users

If the trader notices in the list that a bullish harmonic and a bullish reversal candlestick pattern have formed, it indicates that it could be an interesting opportunity to enter the market with a long position and trade the harmonic pattern.

If the trader sees in the list that there is an uptrend market structure (series of higher highs, an uptrend), the price is near an area of value (a support or a bullish trendline, etc.), and an entry trigger (e.g., a reversal candlestick pattern), the trader might decide to enter the market.

Tip: tap on the sign to show the corresponding indicator on the chart

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Automated discovery
Unique Indicators

Automatic recognition and prediction of support and resistance lines, market phases, trend lines, triangles, wedges, channels, trend reversal patterns, harmonic patterns, candlestick patterns, etc.

Market Phases

Detecting market phases as described by the book: if the asset forms higher highs, it is an uptrend and vice versa—if the asset forms lower lows, it is a downtrend. If these patterns are broken, i.e., lower lows in an uptrend or higher highs in a downtrend, it is an accumulation or distribution phase.

Trend lines

All lines with 3 or more reaction points are discovered. The strength of a trend line is defined as a number of reactive points.

Multiple time frame support and resistance

Support and resistance levels are discovered on multiple time frames over the specified period. And based on the algorithm for calculating local maximas and minimas.


Automated discovery of harmonic patterns, trend reversal patterns, continuation patterns, and candlestick patterns:

– gartley, bat, butterfly, crab, deep crab, shark, cypher
– double/triple tops/bottoms, head and shoulders
– triangles, channels, wedges

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence predicts which levels will be broken or held based on raw market movement, EMA, HMA, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Keltner Bands, ATR, RSI, and Ichimoku cloud. The success rate is 73%.

We trained the neural network on 75% of our dataset (read more about our dataset below), which is around 655 years, and we test it on the other 25% (219 years)—this means that the neural network achieved the success rate of 73% on new data.


Detecting disagreement between an indicator and price.

Back tested and forward tested
874 years

All our algorithms are heavily back-tested and forward-tested on Forex and Bitcoin. We test our algorithms on 67 Forex assets from year 2000 or later depending on availability and Bitcoin from year 2011.

It is 874 years of data in total (from 1 minute TF). Testing on such a huge dataset requires a lot of hardware—we have a dedicated server with powerful CPUs and GPUs installed just for the purpose of backtesting, forwardtesting, and training.

Multiple time frame analysis
in one chart

A trader can base her decision on multiple time frames or any number of indicators; all in one chart. Conveniently, the chart supports trendline drawing, a Fibonacci tool, ruler, and text drawing.


For example, a trader can plot a 4h technical analysis on a 1h chart to observe whether the asset is in an uptrend on 4h while at the same time see the analysis on 1h.

Unlimited charts on screen

Freeform windows allow you to configure your workspace as is best for your strategy. Save your workspace (windows location, charts, assets etc.) for future trading or simply follow your favorite assets.

3D charting

3D chart enables to utilize an extra dimension, observe the chart from different angles, discover 3D patterns such as spirals.


The price forms spirals in an uptrend around a linear regression where the X axis is time, Y axis is price, and Z axis is MVWAP. A trader can assume another spiral movement around the linear regression or a breakout.

Multiple time frame alerting

Alerts can be setup on top of the analysis and are evaluated every 3 seconds. A trader can select rules or combinations in multiple time frames to define cases in which an alert should be triggered.

An alert is possible to trigger near automatically-calculated support or resistance, trigger on trend line breaks (drawn or automatically detected trend lines), triangle breakouts, trend reversals, harmonics, and more.


A trader configures to trigger an alert when RSI is oversold on 4h chart, price is near lower Bollinger band on 1d chart, and on 4h close prices.

High availability

Tradiny has 99.9% availability according to an external server monitoring service.

Market scanners

Browse assets by price and volume changes, long-term and intra-day trending (EMA, MVWAP), volatility (ATR), oversold and overbought (RSI), divergence, correlation, and popularity (Google Trends). Conveniently, filters can be applied to the list of assets.


A trader chooses to trade BCHUSDT because BCH is one of the most volatile cryptocurrency at the time, and it has an elevated correlation with BTCUSDT, and a bullish harmonic pattern has formed recently on BTCUSDT.

700+ Pairs
Gold, silver, bitcoin, etc.

Forex and cryptocurrency, directly streamed from FXCM (supported FXCM pairs) and Binance (supported Binance pairs). XAU, XAG, GBP, JPY, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, CHF, TRY, BTC, USDT, ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, EOS, BCH, TRX, XLM, etc.

Free for part-time traders

Tradiny is a free service up to 50 analyses per day (opening or refreshing the chart) and 2 alerts with 5-minutes interval. If you are a part-time trader, you probably will not hit the limit.

Tradiny Premium enables unlimited analyses and alerts with 3-seconds interval for $9.99 per month depending on your country or platform*. You can cancel any time.

*If you create more than 10 alerts, the 5 minutes interval is used for the rest of alerts (as it is in the free version). Please contact us if you would like more alerts with 3-seconds interval.