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Did you know?

Why price moves up or down?

If many people buy and there are not enough sellers who would sell the asset to buyers, the price goes up because of high demand. Vice versa, if there is not enough demand and people are selling, the price goes down.

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Why do indicators work in trading?

Indicators are never 100% correct, therefore they should not be used in isolation, but traders should rather find a confluence of multiple indicators, which increases probabilities that the price goes to the expected direction (either up or down).

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Tradiny Core features

Tradiny works not only with traditional indicators, however the largest added value of the application are our tailor-made unique indicators.

Automated Pattern Discovery

Automatic recognition and prediction of continuation patterns, trend reversal patterns, harmonic patterns, candlestick patterns, and etc.

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Market Phases Detection

The automatic detection mechanism of Market Phases is based on highs and lows. If the asset forms higher highs, it is an uptrend and vice versa.

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Trend Lines Discovery

Trendlines and trendline breaks are detected automatically, based on a number of the reactive points.

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Support & Resistance Detection

Support and resistance levels are discovered based on highs and lows. The discovery algorithm considers multiple time frames over the specified period.

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Simple and easy-to-use interface

We interpret our complex algorithms in a simple and convenient way, which makes you LOVE Tradiny.

Multiple timeframe, real-time alerts

Alerts can be configured using rules or combinations of multiple time frames, and are evaluated in real-time.

What users say about Tradiny?

Absolutely fantastic app, please keep it free or could be considered to place banner ads rather than paid version. Like it so much, thanks to developer.

Satriyo P.

Really helpful. I really like this app. It’s actually the only cryptocurrency app I pay for. The free version is great too and would be fine by itself, but I figured it was so cheap why not give it a try. I’ve been using some of the trading indicators to readjust a small part of my portfolio every 24 hours and I’ve performed pretty well above market since I started using it.

Gase A.

Wow so much info in one app. I almost tried 20 different apps for a fraction of the info this app provides and uninstalled almost all of them. The improvement might be indicator being used stays when timeframe changed.

Lord A.

Wow, so super amazing and this app makes a traders life much easier… If you can ask me I would recommend you to get the app and start working immediately.

Ben M.

Great app, it helped me a lot in futures trading, really deserves 5 stars and 1M+ installs!

Yung D.

It’s very helpful for beginners. Shows you all the info you need. Look at a technical chart and it provides links for each pattern if confused.

Gerardo C.

I checked lot of apps, but this app gives a lot of information for all kinds of traders, app is very good and different from others. So thanks to whole team I will recommend this app to my company, people and all traders. Keep the good work, thanks team. ??

Maruti S.

The Use of AI

AI predicts levels
AI model tested on 219 years of data
AI model trained on 655 years of data
Uses 14 proprietary indicators
Prediction success rate 73%

Unique custom
built indicators

In addition to common indicators, Tradiny offers game-changing proprietary indicators

Raw market movement

Support and resistance levels are discovered based on highs and lows. The discovery algorithm considers multiple time frames over the specified period.

Market phases

It helps to catch the beginning of a trend in early stages based on the raw marker movement algorithm.


Automatically detect and plot a disagreement between an indicator and price

  • Tip:

Check Tradiny’s 3D Charting options


Back and Forward Tested

All our algorithms are heavily back-tested and forward-tested on Forex and Bitcoin.

874 years datasets

We test our algorithms on 67 Forex assets from year 2000 or later depending on availability and Bitcoin from year 2011.

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